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Emotion CR 2P


We are excited to release one of the most anticipated additions to the WORK Emotion lineup.  The Emotion CR 2P is a two-piece construction wheel that uses one of WORK Wheels' most iconic designs.  

Center disk finishes include Matte Bronze (AHG), Matte Black (MBL), White (WHT), and GT Silver (GTS).  Standard barrel finish is anodized polished lip.  Optional barrel finishes are available in various anodized colors: Black Anodized or Bronze Anodized.  These two options come in either glossy or matte anodized barrel finishes.

Available sizing includes 18", 19", and 20".  18" is Full Reverse barrel, 19" is offered in Full Reverse barrel or Step Rim barrel, and 20" is Step Rim barrel. Widths available are 18x7.0 through 18x11.5, 19x8.0 through 19x11.5 (Step Rim), 19x7.5 through 19x11.0 (Full Reverse), and 20x8.0 through 20x11.5 (Step Rim).  Brake clearance depends on the center disk chosen.  Wheels have varying levels of brake clearance depending on the width and offset, please check with us or a WORK Authorized Dealer to verify clearance.

Included with wheel: Valvestem (20" Step Rim V24C / 19" Full Reverse V24C or V39A / 19" Step Rim or 18" Full Reverse V27C)

Optional: Emotion center cap (sold separately)

Available Sizing:  18"/ 19" / 20"
Widths: 18x7.0 ~ 18x11.5 (Full Reverse), 19x8.0 ~ 19x11.5 (Step Rim), 19x7.5 ~ 19x11.0 (Full Reverse), 20x8.0 ~ 20x11.5 (Step Rim)

Disk Types: R-Disk (Big Caliper) Semi Concave Face / A-Disk (Standard) Deep Concave Face.  Brake clearance varies depending on vehicle braking system.  Please check with us or authorized dealer before ordering.

Custom colors: Not available

Barrel Finishes: Anodized Polished (standard), Black Anodized Barrel (Glossy or Matte), Bronze Anodized Barrel (Glossy or Matte).

Standard PCD: 5x100 / 5x114.3 (see sizing chart)
Available PCD range (custom):
5x98 ~ 5x120.65 (see sizing chart)

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Work Emotion CR2P Work Emotion CR2P

Work Emotion CR2P

Work Emotion CR2P

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